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about  the
shitcoin  factory

From it's shitconception, The Shitcoin Factory has been a safe haven for those traversing the Binance Smart Chain. Shilly Wonka personally goes through an extensive vetting process to ensure his community only participates in the safest possible shitcoin plays. Tired of not being able to sell because of a honey pot? Did the developer rug you? Get caught in a minting scam?

Shilly Wonka and his team of Oompa Loompa's have created the community for you! With tons of Free Candy calls made for our Candy Lovers, you can get a 10x from our free section area of the Shitcoin factory. If you have a craving for the sweetest of all treats, you can become a Golden Ticket Holder and get exclusive access to Whitelists and various offers that are only available to Shilly Wonka's Golden Ticket Holders. 



  • Build Defi Community Presence

  • Build Shilly Wonka Community

  • Expand Core Team

  • Merch Conceptualized

  • Test Launch Token

  • Begin Website Construction

  • Season Pass Conceptualized and Executed

  • Marketing Team Assembled

phase 2: q3 2021

phase 1: q2 2021

  • Shilly Wonka Conception & Pre-Planning

  • Assemble Team

  • Initial Marketing Push

  • Expand Social Media Presence

  • Establish Connections Throughout Defi Community

  • Launch OFFICIAL Shilly Wonka Token

  • Continue to Establish Partnerships Throughout Defi Community

  • NFT Creation and Giveaways

  • More To Come

phase 3: q4 2021

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