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What are the benefits of being on Shilly's Candy Crate list?

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candy drop.png
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candy drop.png

You will be the given multiple random Moon Bags from some of the hottest and newest crypto projects.

$1-$5 value that goes directly into your wallet! Just watch your moon bag grow!


Get Airdropped NFT's from vetted and Shilly approved Partners


Candy Crate airdrops have the possibility for massive gains as they grow over time!


How does one get on the Candy Crate drop list?

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To become a Candy Crate subscriber, all it will cost is a monthly fee of 0.1 BNB. It's that easy!


You can either send the 0.1 BNB directly to your marketing wallet BSC address, or if you have BNB in your wallet in discord, you can send it to us there!

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After payment is received and verified, your 1 month access to all the exclusive plays will begin

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