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golden ticket

What are the benefits of becoming a Golden Ticket VIP member?


You will be the first to find out when Shilly Wonka calls out the Golden Ticket! Know the next Golden Ticket before Shilly Shills it out to the community and be in on ground level!


Get in on the ground level with exclusive Whitelist opportunities only offered to Shilly Wonka and his GT Members.


Get access to Free Candy before the rest of the Candy Lovers! Tons of amazing projects are dropped in the Shitcoin Factory with chances of hitting it big!


Get access to other channels like Loompas Job Board and get paid for completing simple tasks you already do!


Golden Ticket VIP Members get opportunities to interact with Trusted Developers who have joined Shilly's Community Be automatically elligable for the Golden Ticket Lottery. More information on this will be available in the future.


How does one become a Golden Ticket VIP Member?


To become a GT VIP member, all it will cost is monthly fee of 0.1 BNB . It's as simple as that!

Asset 55.png

You can either send the 0.1 BNB directly to our Marketing Wallet BSC address, or if you have BNB in your wallet in discord, you can send it to us there!

charlie bucket.png

After payment is received and verified, your 1 month access to all the exclusive plays will begin!

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