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golden ticket & candy crate

Sign up to get exclusive "Candy Drops" from some of the hottest and newest cryptos around. Become a VIP member in our Discord and get access to exclusive Whitelists opportunities and much more!

A subscription is valid for 30 days after payment. You are eligible for ALL drops during that month, included but not limited to :

Random Moon Bags! $1-$5 value each directly into your wallet!
NFTs from partners
Exclusive offers!

0.1 BNB gets you signed up for a VIP membership OR the Candy Crate!
0.15 BNB gets you a 1 month subscription to the Discord AND the Candy Crates as well!


Asset 4-min.png

Send BNB (BEP-20) payment to THIS WALLET ONLY:


Important! Candy Crate delivery will occur randomly during the entire month. It will not be dropped all at once. It will come from our promotional partners. We cannot control the value of the crate during time of delivery, nor do we promise a specific value with each crate. We work hard to make sure that multiple partners are on board and ready. Discord access is subject to the rules and terms of the community and can be revoked or denied at any time.

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